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Sharing Master Video’s has an exciting opportunity tailored to help businesses advertise in a different way. We have created a competitive environment were members upload content to the website and strive to create quality content. The member that has the best content will have their video uploaded to the Sharing Master Videos page in the 5th position displayed on the Sharing Master Video’s Page.  They will also earn 25% of the money from this Auction for the year. This is where you can bid to have your video displayed near their video. The video’s will be displayed  for one year and  your business’s name, and  the year will be immortalize on the wall of supporters. These video’s need to be entertaining or instructional, you can advertise your business in any way you choose. Imagine if you could go back in time and place your logo or even a video on a website like Facebook,  YouTube,  Amazon, Ebay & have your name permanently displayed there. Would you be well known in the world?. This is the opportunity we are offering here at Sharing Master Video’s.

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